BIGMAN Slots offers a fun-for-all, casual slots game that enhances the iconic entertainment of classic slots - for free. Attractive RPG elements and table-top game features have been integrated so that players may obtain free coins, compete with each other, and create lasting memories.

Bingo Beat, the one and only rhythmical Bingo Game, has fun features like lovely pets, cute characters' bingo ceremonies, and various themes with different music. Here, you are free to change themes, music, voice calling, and many more to make it as your own game. Moreover, you can experience exciting items to play Bingo even more fun!

BIGMAN CASINO is an ultra-realistic experience: offering authentic game play with realistic 3D art. Providing multiplayer Poker, Baccarat, and Texas Hold'em! with lots of fun and social features! Free to play, every day!

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BIGMAN Entertainment, founded in 2013, is dedicated to bringing engaging social entertainment worldwide. With years of experience in the gaming industry, we have the knowledge and skills to produce and deliver awesome games. We are currently focused on Facebook and mobile social games. We know a few things about  what it takes to make a good game. We've learned how to create quality contents and we've run games with optimized backend mechanics for optimized publishing.  With all the experience we've acquired over the years, we are committed to providing the best social gaming experience. We will deliver top quality cross-platform social games that is easily accessible to users across the globe and enrich players social gaming experience through fun mechanics and innovative social features.



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